The 1st Semester Schedule is now available for download.

Please note that:

  • The schedule comprises moments of “formal” teaching and activities within the routine programs of our institution.
  • Students will be offered tables and computers in a room specially intended for the Global Public Health program. Group discussion will take place in this room (3rd floor)
  • The 10 students will be aggregated in 5 groups; each group will be accompanied by a PhD student in a more advanced phase of his/her studies, during the stay in Porto, which will act as a tutor, helping in everyday tasks and scientific questions:
  1. Fábio Araújo
  2. Filipa Fontes
  3. Joana Araújo
  4. Maria João Fonseca
  5. Catarina Samorinha
  • Each group will be given the 13th October, a real data base (extracted from our own cohort data) to analyze. The final courses evaluation will consist in drafting and discussing a manuscript to be published in an international journal based on such data [Epidemiology] and on a protocol designing an intervention to address the health problem dealt with in the analytical study [Health Promotion]. The paper will be oriented by a senior researcher:
  1. Passive smoking during childhood [Ana Cristina Santos]
  2. Maternal country of origin and pain at 7-years of age [Raquel Lucas]
  3. CRP and exposure to parental violence [Silvia Fraga]
  4. Sexual behavior during adolescence [Elisabete Ramos]
  5. Social class and health services utilization [Henrique Barros]
  • The expected training and learning period will comprise besides the formal lectures, practical exercises, group discussion, journal clubs, participation with discussion of the work of researchers and PhD students working in the different Units, seminars and cultural events (these, to be scheduled).
  • There is a free course – Portuguese for Foreigners – offered to our students.